The Inspiration:
Jessica Hambrick

Jessica is facing her fourth battle with cancer. However, she is not allowing her struggle to keep her from helping other people. Jessica has started GI Jess's Warriors for a Cause. They provide support baskets for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The Doer:
I Do It For Foundation

The I Do It For Foundation is inspired by Jessica's desire to "Do It For" others. We have made her the Inspiration for our I Do It For Run/Bike/Fun Challenge held in Memphis, TN on September 14, 2013. We want to raise money to help Jessica and her Warrors to keep passing it on as they do it for those they love.

The Supporter: You

You can do it for Jessica too by donating here. Be assured that 100% of your donation goes to the inspiration's need. The I Do It For Foundation pays for all administrative costs.


$622.00 $1000

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