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At I Do It For, we are committed to making sure 100% of any money given to our projects goes to the need, so we never take a percentage of your donations. Still, it takes money to build websites, process credit cards, pay accountants and cover numerous other expenses.

The I Do It For Foundation exists to educate and help communities learn how to raise money for individuals and their families facing financial burdens as the result of a serious illness. Gifts made to the individuals featured in this website may or may not be tax deductible. I Do It For Foundation relies solely on volunteers and does not charge for its expertise. If you would like to donate to I Do It For, your gift will be used to offset the costs we incur in helping communities raise money for others in need. I Do It For is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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Make it personal with I Do It For items personalized with the name of your Inspiration.

When you show your support for your Inspiration by getting one of these items, you are also helping to cover the fees associated with one donation.


These high quality shirts help you personalize your support for someone you love. Amount includes shirt, printing, and shipping. Your purchase also covers the administrative costs of your donation. One tee per order.

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I Ride For Event Number

Easily show your support for someone you love with this I Ride For event number. These quality cloth bib numbers allow you to write in the name of your Inspiration. Pin it to your jersey on your next ride! Your purchase also covers the administrative costs of your donation. Up to four numbers per order.

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