The Inspiration:
Ellie Horton

Ellie was active and healthy. Then on May 14, 2013 she experienced a massive stroke, and had blood loss to brain for an extended time. She has regained conscious, but she has a challenge still ahead of her. She has a long road of rehabilitation to go through for recovery. What a blessing that she has already come this far in her recovery. She is continuing to fight hard, and our Doers want to be able to help her keep fighting to a full recovery. They invite you to join them in this encouragement by participating in their I Tri For Ellie project.

The Doer:
Bryce Dodson

This sudden challenge was unexpected and surprised Ellie's family and friends. When her friends Lauren and Bryce Dodson learned of her stroke, they moved to action. They are seeking to encourage their friend both financially and emotionally by committing to run a number of triathlons in her honor. Their first event was the Gearhead Sprint Triathlon in Jonesboro, AR, on June 16th, 2013. Their second event was the Mighty Might Sprint Triathlon in Forrest City, AR, on July 20th. The Dodsons invite you to give to help Ellie cover incidental medical bills. In the process of giving, you are encouraged to request an I Do It For t-shirt that will allow you to show your personal support for Ellie. The events might be over, but you still have an opportunity to participate.

The Supporter: You

You can do it for Ellie too by donating here. Be assured that 100% of your donation goes to the inspiration's need. The I Do It For Foundation pays for all administrative costs.


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