The Inspiration:
Dennae White

Miss White is a 6th grade teacher at Bob Jones Academy and always tries to wear a smile no matter how badly she feels. Dennae has suffered from constant debilitating migraines for over 5 years, and doctors have tried everything to relieve her of this pain, but to no avail. They have recommended surgery to implant a brain "pacemaker" to alleviate the pain, but insurance will not cover it. The surgery will cost $40,000.

The Doer:
Will Ramey

Will Ramey is in Miss White's 6th grade Heritage class and goes to see her in between classes whenever he can. When he sees her eyes and knows she is feeling rough, he tries to tell her a joke to make her laugh and smile big. Will and his fellow sixth graders are trying to raise $40,000 because they love Miss White and want to see her happy with no pain.

The Supporter: You

You can do it for Dennae too by donating here. Be assured that 100% of your donation goes to the inspiration's need. The I Do It For Foundation pays for all administrative costs.


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